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Vito Update I: 12/6/3/2

2009 June 12
by DiG

12 comments, 6 diggs, 3 Twitter followers and $2.00 donated.

Not too shabby for a first week.

But before I can post the next chapter, I really need to reach my goal of 100 in at least one of the above categories.

Now I know some of you are wondering why you should come back to this site on a regular basis if it might take a while between chapters.

Well, starting on Monday, I will be adding fresh content to the site on a weekly basis. Content like amazing cat videos, adorable cat photos and more.

So if you happen to have some terrific cat photos you would like to see featured on the site, please email them to me at

And remember to share this site with your friends, leave a comment if you haven’t already and make sure to come back on Monday.


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