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A most humble selection of reviews for the completed manuscript of Vito, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr

“I loved it. I was prepared not to because I’m not really a cat person… So I went into the book, quite certain I’d read a few pages and then drop it. But there’s something about the story that just pulled me in. The writing is wonderful, but the personality of Vito really comes across in these series of tales, and I think I was 40 pages into it when it hit me that I was thoroughly enjoying a book about — a cat.”
-Geoff Williams, author of C.C. Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race

“I promised myself that I’d stop reading your book to go for my daily bike ride. I could not stop. ‘Just one more chapter,’ I thought to myself. By the time I got to the chapter that told of Vito’s illness, I was a total wreck. My dog died of the same thing. I found myself reliving the last five months of her life. You truly are an excellent author. I have not ONE doubt that you can/will successfully sell your story. It is THAT WELL DONE… from the heart. I really LOVED the comments that Vito made from time to time; smartass things… they added so much to your story. I promise you this: If you get it published, I’ll be in line to buy a copy. You have a WINNER here. It’s beautiful, warm, poignant. It’s REAL.”
-RJ Scott, author of Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

“I really liked it. It’s very moving… I think it’s a great way to talk about his life: as a series of mini-vignettes that really convey the essence of who he was.”
-Tim Susman, author of Common and Precious

“It’s a very poignant story, full of laughter and tears. I was crying as I read the last part. You really made people feel your pain and sorrow… I think it is a book people would really enjoy reading. I sincerely wish it gets published. I love you. Mom”
-Important person in the literary community and definitely not my Mom

“It was wonderful. Truly. Though I’m not sure I was ready for a cry today. Thanks for sharing it.”
-Sarah Bernard

“I really like the ‘look’ of your new format… I am reminded in a way of some of the works of Paul Gallico from the ’50s and early ’60s in the spacing of the lines of type and the generous margins – rather like a book of poetry or an art publisher’s setting of a novella or a special small press printing of short stories. Also like Gallico, perhaps, in the quiet strength of humble characters living their lives, unaware of how much they really mean to others or how much simple, homey actions will become a part of those around them long after they’re gone. This is so warmly personal a tribute, yet so identifiable for those who have also lived through such a loss. You’ve captured that joy and loss so many feel when thinking about beloved pets.”
-Pamela Arceneaux, Senior Librarian/Rare Books Curator

“I really enjoyed your story. It made me laugh and cry. I especially loved the image of Vito teaching Diva to mouse in the bathtub. Unbelievable!”
-Jen Maffett

“I really enjoyed the story, especially how well the ending was laid out. The insight into your personal journey with a close companion was beautifully revealed in a gentle and moving fashion. It both captured all of the little steps that make up the entirety of an archetypal relationship and clearly depicted the extremely personal moments that made your partnership with Vito unique.”

“I wasn’t sure you wanted a phone call at two in the morning when I finished reading your story. I like it a lot. It’s a great homage to a wonderful cat.”

“I adored the story! Whimsical though it may be, you accurately captured the raw personality of our feline friends… I walked away feeling as if I experienced the various seasons of the relationship between yourself and Vito.”

“I found it very enthralling a read. It touched me. It was very ‘raw’ on the emotions which I thought was very gripping and I felt what you wanted me to feel. I got a little lump in my throat… and I felt myself getting anxious as I drew nearer the end of the story…”

“Just finished the book – enjoyed it very much. Particularly liked the end, and how integrated he was with your kids as part of the family… As I said, very good, especially for a cat person like me…”

More comments can be found at the ‘Those Who Purr for Vito’ page as well as Vito’s Facebook page, so feel free to add your own thoughts where ever — or drop me a line at

Joel ‘DiG’ DiGiacomo…

P.S. I am very excited to announce that Vito, the Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr is now available for PRE-ORDER at Pubslush Press. Won’t you pre-order your copy today?
Pre-Order Vito: The Cat Who Wouldn't Purr

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  1. Magoo permalink
    May 27, 2009

    Joel: The entire website if great! Looking forward to the next installment. When will it be?

  2. Andrew Charles permalink
    March 1, 2010

    I have a cat named Vito. I named him after a gangster. He’s a real bastard. I didn’t read you book. Good work though.

  3. Michelle from Baltimore permalink
    July 3, 2010

    I think it’s a great start, but you didn’t go into detail as to why he never purred? Every cat purrs right? Cats have two sets of vocal chords, one for meows and the other for purrs. I think it’s a great story, could use more “fluffing” though, it’s short but good. Great job Vito the non purring kitty and his human 🙂

  4. DiG permalink*
    July 3, 2010

    Thanks Michelle for the kind words.

    I’ve only posted 12 chapters on the website as a sort of teaser.

    The book is much longer (about 70 chapters)

    Thanks again for you support!

  5. Kat O'Leary permalink
    July 6, 2010

    it was touching. i loved it. as a cat owner myself i wish you and Vito the best of luck. I think however the book was more about you and your experiences with beloved Vito. Maybe at the end of the book you could do a chapter in Vito’s point of view? i can see that your illistrating his life involving you but coming from the cat i think it would be very different. (and no i don’t mean actually coming from the cat. 😀 ) Also, you should go more into why he can’t purr with his vet. you can never over research. i love the drawing the best. its a nice touch. any ideas of the cover? if so please share them with me. i think you are a very good author and i will do my best to make sure that ALL of my friends on facebook “like” your page. by the way if you’re wondering how i found out about Vito i saw your add on facebook. it was money well spent and i instantly became concerned when i saw it. the book is a hidden gem and i love it. readers of “Dewey” and “Marely and Me” will be captivated by the book.

  6. Bonzo permalink
    July 15, 2010

    I like what I’ve read so far, I like the style too…I’m a bit too wordy myself, but you manage to convey an interesting story without using too many words. I look forward to the rest, except the last part. I know that will be sad, even if Vito finally purred at the end. But I will read it, because I am hooked.

  7. Lynn Buck permalink
    August 9, 2010

    Joel … Great Story … love the old fashioned look of the paper & drawing … Hope you & Vito get your very first book published … very funny & so, so true! I’ve had several cats … but a couple of them really shared Vito’s traits … love of water … I couldn’t turn on a faucet, without her running to see & splash fetching & retrieving … OMG, the trying to sleep … when they want to play!

    They were all indoor cats & would run back & forth between windows & the patio door
    “chatting” & “chirping” at birds, chipmunks, etc. … I don’t know about Vito, but 2 of mine had to know what was going on with the neighbors … I swear they would have “reported” to me if they could have & they always greeted me … or anyone … for that matter at the door, even if they’d just been sound asleep & snoring! … all of them “purred” & the youngest, Gracie “talked” constantly … she was a riot!

    p.s. ~ saw your ad on FaceBook and just had to check it out … so glad I did! >^. .^< p.s.s. ~ could you "delete" my previous comment ... it's mostly the same as this one, I don't know why it came out all juggled up ... thanks

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