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Reviews from Those Who Purr for Vito

When I started using Facebook to get the word out about Vito, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr, I genuinely did not expect that the response would be so immediate and so overwhelmingly positive (over 40,000 Facebook fans at last count!). As the numbers continued to grow at an astonishing rate, I asked Facebook fans what they wanted to be called so I could thank them collectively if and when the book got published.

Expecting something along the lines of Team Vito or Vito’s Army, Katherine Lundgren blew everyone away with the perfect suggestion, Those Who Purr for Vito.

Since then, I’ve collected a wide array of positive comments and reviews from Facebook and the website to keep my spirits up when my confidence wanes…

What follows is a compilation of those comments (through February 13, 2011)  — or you can peruse the reviews of those who have read the completed manuscript over the past year.

“You had me at chapter 2! I love it, it’s so wonderful. I can practically see every scene as it’s described. I can’t wait for the story’s publication!” – Ashley Shelton
“Marley move over, Vito is taking over!” – Tom Hranowsky
“I LOVE Vito!!” – Vanessa Archer
“Don’t change a thing. It’s wonderful. I can’t wait for you to find a publisher.” – Zeds Aunt
“I want this book in my collection! You really have a style that anybody can relate to. Where can I get this book? You’re fabulous!!!” – Amelia Coates
“I love the book and want to be able to read the rest of what’s going on. It’s so addicting and funny at the same time. I love it!” – Nicole Addison
“I was only going to look at the first page or so, and ended up reading all of it. Great writing!” – Ricki Lee Albertoni
“Definitely one of the best cat stories I’ve ever read.” – Larissa Richelle Dillon
“As a fellow cat lover, I think it’s great!!” – Sharon Batson
“You’re an amazing wordsmith.” – Steph Martin
“Loved it!” – Steph Collins
“Heartwarming.” – Angelica Pitts
“This is delightful!” – Velma Faye Moore
“I love it.” – Mike Maxwell Williams
“This is a treasure.” – Stephanie Lane
“For ALL cat lovers, read ‘Vito, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr'” – Facebook User
“Your layout and typeset make for a book to treasure… I’m anxiously awaiting your publication.” – Marilyn Marble
“I love Vito.” – Susie Ciaravino
“This is a great story.” – Virginia Cassidy Strait
“This is awesome” – Amelia Coates
“I love the rigatoni chapter!” – Natalie Salamone
“Anyone, especially us cat lovers, will find the story hilarious, and oh so true.” – Carol Garr
“Very lovely story! Could even be the makings of a movie. I mean, if Marley (Marley & Me) could have a movie why not Vito?” – Jennifer Slater
“Love it!” – Tiffany Alexander
“Such a charming story about a mischievous cat.” – Angela Puckett Edmondson
“Love Vito’s story.” – Julie Lyon
“Wonderful cat story!!” – Nadine Janet Schlaich
“I love this. I hope it gets published, I’ll buy a copy for myself and all of my friends.” – Jean Marie Spengler
“I can’t wait to read more.” – Catherine Griffin
“Thank you sooooo much! I LOVE it! Looking forward to finding your book in the bookstore soon!” – Melanie J. Hill
“More, more! Love this story.” – Susan Sparke
“I love this story! Can’t wait for more…” – Celeste Crotwell-Speir
“Great story – can’t wait for the rest!” – Stephanie Maxheimer
“I loved it.” – Nancy Sloan Piske
“Vito is amazing! I think this is going to be an amazing book!!!” – Kristen Pershin
“I love Vito.” – Linda Ancell Fiedor
“I need the book and think it should be a movie. He is better than Garfield” – Brenda Kendall
“OoOooOO LOVE IT!” –Kay Lynn Griffin
“Oh, you’re great! I love your stories and I wish you great luck!” – Audrey Perdue
“Ah, Vito!! You are such a charmer! Can’t wait to have a copy of your story on my bookshelf!” – Vanessa Archer
“Very compelling read, right from the start. I think you have a hit on your hands!” – Linda Harsh
“Love the story!” – Tina La Selva Frantz
“I do enjoy Vito! As soon as the book is out, I will get several copies!!!” – Annie Stephens
“I am absolutely enamored by this little story.” – Maggie Long
“Love Vito! Keep the story going as I’m really hooked now and want to hear MORE!” – Kc Cooper
“That’s wonderful! I can’t wait for more! I’ll buy this when it hits the stores!” – Nicole Ghraizi
“I love this story. You are an obvious cat lover as you have captured their playful and mischievous side as only a true cat lover could. I would be delighted to buy this book” – Anonymous User
“This has to get published!” – Robin Maloney
“I Love this story!” – Kathy Bezdicek-Dodson
“Can’t wait to get the book! Go, Vito!” – Liz Elias
“The book is wonderful. I would also buy it. Good Luck!!!” – Linda Sue Natale McElligott
“Wow! I’m in love with Vito! Thank you so much for letting us love Vito! I can’t wait for the next chapter!” – Mary E Johnsey Theriault
“I just stopped by to see what this site was and couldn’t leave till I’d finished reading the Vito adventures… now I want more, more, more!!! I want a copy of this BOOK, I do, I do!” – Sue Bixler
“I love this! What a sweet story. About the bond between a cat and its human.” – Kathy Bezdicek-Dodson
“This is wonderful. Can’t wait to read this whole book!” – Anne Humphrey Counsil Burkholder
“Love it! Hope you can get published” – Arthene Roberts Robinson
“This is the funniest thing I’ve read in three years!!!!” – Darlene Cremedy Lopez
“I LOVE This!” – Beth Keller
“This is a surprisingly good book. I’m so glad I found it. It makes for fun, light reading, and leaves you wanting more.” – Karen Williams-Boyer
“Loving it! MORE!!!!!!” – Cindy Perry Faircloth
“Vito’s stories kept me glued to your Facebook page… Thank you for entertaining us with Vito’s exploits!” – Julie Ann Hojan
“Love it — keep it coming.” – Cassondra Danielle Hoover
“This book is very reminiscent of James Herriot.” – Ginger Galindo
“Wow I really loved that story.” – Rebecca Flaig
“This is a wonderful story about what cats are really like. They can’t be owned, as any cat person knows. I love it!!!” – Wanda Lorraine Hendrix Hovis
“Love it!!! Anyone who has ever owned a cat can relate. This should definitely get published!” – Chrissy Godfrey
“Love this cat!” – Ruth Ann Ryan
“I liked this and would buy it. Everyone should check it out!” – Facebook User
“Just love the adventures of Vito!! Keep writing!!!” – Carolyn Balcerzak
“I really relate to my cats while reading this book. if you get it published, I will definitely buy it to add to my library of books.” – Jeannette Dcamp
“Anyone who has ever had a cat can relate to this book. I would love to own it!” – Shela Jacques
“Very wonderful book! I would definitely buy this book.” – Facebook User
“I am reading each and every chapter with bated breath! I hope that this gets published soon.” – Kris Wright
“Amazing! Like everyone else I want more.” – Shon Payne
“I’m hooked — more please, more!!” – Christine Gumi
“Love it! It’s a cute story. I hope it gets published. ♥” – Selena Figueroa
“As a cat lover owned by four cats, I feel like I’m there with Vito. Been there, done that! I would buy this book.” – Annie Stephens
“Great book! When it gets published let me know. I will be first in line to buy 7 copies. My family is cat lovers and it will make nice gifts. One copy is for me.” – Terrie Panicucci
“I would buy the book for all my cat lovers.” – Marlis Dunn
“Love your story, I was smiling the entire time I was reading it. Good luck with publishing this, I hope it happens soon.” – Facebook User
“You’ve got a great style” – witchcat
“Love the story can’t wait ’til more comes out” – Andrew Volkman
“This needs to get in print… I want to read the whole thing. Put a black cat on the cover and the spine and I’ll buy it!” – Jeane Simpson
“I am smitten!” – Facebook User
“This is a really cute story and Joel is a very inventive writer! Check it out! ♥” – Facebook User
“What a wonderful story! Can’t wait for Vito’s next chapter!” – Teresa Lass
“It’s a wonderful and easy to read story so far! I look forward to more! It should be published.” – Anastasia Basalski King
“You write very well. I really, really hope you get published sometime.” – Adam Yan
“How wonderful! I would definitely buy your book and send copies to my sisters and nieces. Hope you get it published!!!” – Randall Mars
“You are a very talented writer, and a personal one at that. I am looking forward to your future chapters and books.” – Megan Worth
“I love it! I can’t wait to read more!” – Crystal Holsinger-Laundry
“Really looking forward to buying this book. I refuse to read everything in anticipation of reading it in paperback.” – Anne Viles
“I’m literally teary reading your story as it very much reminds me of my black cat George ‘choosing’ me.” – Lauren Creamer Soponis
“I love this story so far. Love reading about Vito.” – Jennifer Zigulis
“I really hope this book gets published. I love the way it’s written and love the story. Can’t wait for the next chapter! By the way, I would buy this book even if I get to read all of it online. This author deserves to be published and I’d love to be part of what makes it happen for him!” – Jodi Prince
“I would buy it too! I love cat books.” – Heather Polk
“I hope this is published. I would no doubt buy it!” – Rebecca Gibson
“I love the book!! Anyone who has been owned by a cat can relate to Vito’s antics.” – Deb Mauldin Hall
“This is sooo much fun to read. I love it.” – Stephanie Bowersox
“I can’t wait for your book to come out. SOOOOO gonna buy it!” – Miki Kincaid
“I love Vito!! What a charmer!!!” – Vanessa Archer
“I cannot wait to own this in hardback with your sneaky signature on the inside.” – Jennifer Lynn
“Vito rocks!!!!” – Mary Matosich
“I love Vito! Publishers print this book, please!!!!!” – Kitty Katzes
“Your story is very touching.” – Kristen Moore
“Love your story.” – Sharon Watson
“I just read the story. It’s awesooommeee!” – Makenzie Rose Snowstorm
“I love the story. Let’s hope you get that book deal sometime soon so I can finish it!” – Susan Fox
“What a joy to read! Your book is a gift! I am loving it!” – Nancylee Prescott
“Good luck to you. Looking forward to buying a copy to read more adventures.” – Sheryl Weichbrodt
“Loooooooooooooooooooove this book! I love the nuances you capture perfectly about cats and also about people who don’t understand cats (like the girlfriend). I hope you get published by the time I have kids so I can read them this book over and over.” – Jennifer Kipp
“The short chapters also suit the feline attention span! Even though the story is very different, reading about Vito reminds me of when I got my first cat, also a little black kitten given to mischief and birdwatching. Looking forward to reading more!” – Randi O’Malley
“I like that the chapters are short, you can appreciate them better, short is great! Vito is hilarious!” – Lo Hicks
“I love the way you chose to write it out – it gives the story a whole different feel.” – Crystal Holsinger-Laundry
“Either way, you’re a fantastic author!!!! How can I read more?” – Audrey Perdue
“I love Vito!” – Kathleen Braga Barrett
“Really like Vito the cat. Hope it gets published.” – Jeannette Dcamp
“This is so great!” – Cat Jackson
“Love this story!” – Cindy Stipes Schneider
“It’s great!” – Molly Rosales
“I love this story, I can’t wait til the next installment. When is this going to be published? I want the book for gifts!” – Lillian Katherine Ristich Hultz
“Great story!” – Annette Bove-Holmes
“I love this story!!!” – Merri Schroeder
“Enjoying the stories. Would definitely buy the book. Enjoying Vito’s life!” – Pat Shepard
“I absolutely love this book. I hope you can get this published.” – Jaime Rene Young
“Wow… a great cat story!” – Denice Kagan
“Love this story!” – Cindy Stipes Schneider
“I am greatly anticipating reading your published book so please let me know when it is on shelves.” – Anne Viles
“I love Vito’s story. I’m always left wanting more. Brilliant, amazing writing. Keep up the good work!” – Kendra Nichols
“CONGRATS!!! What a wonderful feeling, again the book is great! You’re GOING TO get it published, you are, I know you are…just look at all of the people who have already enjoyed it. Great idea to put it on Facebook and thank you so much for letting your fans read it!!” – Cindy Hamm
“l love it! Keep writing!” – Sally Wilson
“Hope it happens soon, I want to be able to get a copy of the book. I have to find out more about Vito.” – Terrie Panicucci
“Loving it so much and good luck getting a publisher. Perhaps starting with all the FB fans buying orders from a website?” – Melinda Simon
“This story is adorable! I can’t wait for the next chapter. Good luck with finding a publisher! It’s a wonderful story.” – Legadema Cinderheart
“Loving this story!!” – Lisa Renee’
“I am all for it! Let’s get you published! I would buy that book!” – Lori Kay Chamberlain Reed
“Would love to see a book deal for Vito!!!” – Angela Steele
“Great book!” – Mary Wood Surman
“Loving Vito!” – Dani Nicole Patterson
“It’s a great book!” – Joan L Pittius-Chatlos
“I love Vito!” – Lisa Carole Diernbach
“I want this in paper form as I HATE reading books online!!!!! As soon as it’s available in REAL form, I’ll buy.” – Catherine Keating
“LOVE IT!!!!” – Melanie J. Hill
“AWESOME!!!!!” – Michele Squires
“Terrific! I love it!” – Lori Stephens
“I will buy your book. What else can we do to help? Call people? Email folks?” – Theresa De Grange
“I’m lovin’ what I read!” – Angel Radness
“I am really enjoying Vito’s adventures. I wish you the best of luck in getting your book published.” – Marie Council
“I love your book. Looking forward to the upcoming chapters.” – Vicki Doyle
“As a cat lover, I really liked your book. I would buy a copy in a flash.” – Maxine Holister
“Absolutely delightful – cannot wait for the next chapter. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I would like to reserve a copy now for whenever you get it published if you will autograph it for me! I want to tell my friends, I knew you before you were a New York Times best-selling author! Please tell these publishers to get off their duffs and publish this book — there are enough of us cat lovers out there to make it a bestseller. They should be beating down your door to get your business.” – Anne W. Parrish

“Love the story!” – Arthene Roberts Robinson
“OMG, SQUEEE! I love this story so far and I can’t wait to read more of it… This story is something that I can see touching people and having them reliving their experiences with their cats throughout their lives. I see it becoming very popular and I see myself buying a copy of it when it’s released being the cat lover that I am, ♥ keep it up!” – Danielle Walton
“Can’t wait to read the rest. Great story.” – Facebook User
“I truly enjoyed your book so far… can’t wait for the rest of it. Thank you for sharing your words and your friend Vito with us.” – Facebook User
“Love the preview! I hope this book gets published!” – Lourdes Bugarín

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  1. Judy Ellertson permalink
    February 14, 2011

    I just love your story. I can actually feel your emotions through your words. Hope you get this published, and soon.

  2. Sandra Naessens permalink
    April 4, 2011

    I love the story about Vito. I would love to see the book once it gets published

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