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What Is This Vito Thing Anyway?

Okay, so I’ve written a book about my life with my late cat, entitled Vito: The Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr.

Or as my tagline puts it…

A whimsical, funny and touching series of vignettes chronicling my journey from college to fatherhood with Vito, my mischievous black alley cat.

The good news is that everyone who has read my manuscript has liked it.

A lot.

As in, hey, I feared your book would suck, but it was really, really good (you can see their kind words right here).

The bad news is that I don’t know many people in the literary world.

So after some networking, I finally got two agents to read it (or at least got their readers to read it).

And they both said they liked it (one of the readers was especially effusive and teary eyed).

Unfortunately, they also said they didn’t love it enough to take it on.

Okay, I thought, they’re blowing smoke, trying not to hurt my feelings.

But when I talked with a few published authors, they told me that agents usually don’t say such positive things unless they genuinely like the book.

After rereading and reparsing the rejection letters, I realized that if I was a name author, I could probably get the book published.

Then it hit me — I needed a hook to get noticed.

Something like, Internet Sensation.

So here I am publishing the book on the web, one chapter at a time.

Now here is where you come in. If you have enjoyed the story so far, I am asking that you ‘Like’ Vito on Facebook.

That’s it.

The more people who ‘Like’ the book, the more chapters I’ll put up on the site.

So far over 40,000 people have ‘Liked’ Vito on Facebook!

And even cooler, this growing legion of fans have dubbed themselves ‘Those Who Purr for Vito’ (you can see their comments on the story so far right here).

As my son Dante asked, “Wouldn’t it be really cool to see your book on a shelf at Barnes & Noble?”

Yes, it would, Dante. Yes, it would.

Joel ‘DiG’ DiGiacomo…

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