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The First Meeting (continued)

Vito: The Cat Who Wouldn't Purr

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To learn more, see What Is This ‘Vito’ Thing Anyway?, Those Who Purr for Vito, and So What’s Next for Vito — and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook

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  1. Pam Johnson permalink
    July 3, 2010

    As a cat owner, what grabbed me was how Paul points out, first of all, that cats are not owned by anyone. That’s because they don’t need anyone, in contrast to people. People need people. Cats can get along just fine without people, which makes them so great. They just like to be around you because you’re you. Pure love IMO.

  2. Lewisa permalink
    March 14, 2015

    I understand your pain of not getting this published and there are ways to do this. Think outside of the box!!! First I don’t understand letting everyone read the whole thing for free?? Give them excerpts and entice them. I haven’t seen your kickstarted but the successful ones have offered copies of the book as well as a personal gratitude, maybe change another cat character, dog person etc,s name to a person who donates 5 or 10K. Appealing to people’s egos is the best way to get money, sad but true! Most people want to see their name in lights, a book, whatever because most people want to write a book but don’t have the talent you do. How much is doing an e-book where you sell copies of it for 99 cents each. As many people who have read this if each had given a dollar to do so you would have a nice fat pocket right now. Also I once wanted to do a book to help kids be aware of what animals go through. I contacted the head of the SPCA and asked if they would be willing to put my book on their site (I might have asked them to help publish-not sure) but they have huge connections and they would receive 50% of the profits for their organization. They jumped at it and I never finished the book. I was working on it with a friend who baled out and I wasn’t in a place to finish it on my own. There are also rescue places and cat lovers who would do anything to help more cats. Ask them to help get it published as an e-book. Just please stop giving it away. Read a marketing techniques book or video (there is a guy who gives away fabulous ideas as a ploy to take his seminar (lots of people actually) his name is Brendon Bruchard, then there is Tony Robbins. Ask celebrities for help. Do a video short (1-2 min) of pics of Vito and you talking about him that will entice peole to donate. People like a personal touch. Most of all do NOT change the title! THis title grabs you because people are looking for a tragic cat tale that turns into a happy ending. It’s the reason we click on the sad tales of rescued and abused animals. This is a great title that grabs you. You have a fabulous book, it’s all there. MANIFEST it happening by seeing the end result of a published book instead of woe is me on nobody donating. You deserve it! Go get a DVD of The Secret and watch it over and over and over!!! Really good writing I see a success story here! Just act on these suggestions, they come to you as inspiration because it’s what I do and I just gave it to you for free. Please don’t waste it and make excuses as to why it won’t work 🙂

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