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Vito Update II: 18/7/7/3

2009 June 26
by DiG

Technically, went live one month ago today.


And my March to 100 stands as follows:

18 comments, 7 diggs, 7 Twitter followers and $3.00 donated.

As I’ve stated previously, I really need to get to 100 in at least one of the above categories before I can post the next chapter, Summers in Philadelphia.

To that end, I would like to thank Carol Johnson (alias anubisgrrl) for her help in spreading the word on LiveJournal, and Tim Susman for the shoutout on his blog, Thoughts on Writing and Other Afflictions.

In other news, you will notice I’ve made some changes to the formatting of the first ten chapters of Vito: The Cat Who Wouldn’t Purr, starting with Introducing Vito.

I’ve increased the font size of the chapter text, added explanatory text at the end of each chapter for those unfamiliar with Vito, and streamlined the chapter navigation.

Hopefully these changes will make the story easier to read and transform the feel into something more like a book rather than a web page.

So if you haven’t already done so, add a comment, Digg the first chapter, and follow me on Twitter.

And don’t forget to share this site with your friends.


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