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Facebook ‘Likes’ Vito

2010 July 11
by DiG

Last week, I started a Facebook page for Vito.

I figured with some advertising, I might be able to generate a little interest in the book.

Boy was I wrong.

I generated A LOT of interest in Vito.

Over 8,500 ‘Likes’ in one week (you can see the current total at the very top of this page)!


It looks like I will be hitting my first major goal of 10,000 ‘Likes’ in short order!

If we keep this up, I think we might finally convince a few agents and publishers to take a chance on Vito!

So if you haven’t already, ‘Like’ me on Facebook and check out all the great comments and photos everyone has been posting!

Like me on Facebook

Oh… and Chapter 13 is coming real soon!

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