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New Main Page and Dreams of Chapter 12

2009 September 14
by DiG

You may have noticed a new main page for the website.

It’s been on my list for a while as I realized long ago that the blog format simply did not work as the first page of a site dedicated to a book and the quest to get it published.

So let me know what you think of the change — everything is still the same under the hood, it’s simply a new, uh, hood?

You will also note that I have added a scoreboard of sorts at the top right of every page, showing how many Twitter followers I have and how many comments people have left.

My thought all along has been that if I can generate enough palpable enthusiasm, someone in theĀ  publishing world is going to have to take notice of what I am doing.

Well, Twitter followers seems to be the leading indicator. So if you haven’t followed me yet, please do so now here.

Because once we hit 200 followers, I’ll will add Chapter 12: Pushing Around My Girlfriends.

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  1. Anja Korth permalink
    July 8, 2010

    Great book! My cat just turned 18 and I had her since she was 13 weeks old. I have gone though all of these stories with my kitty – wonderful and charming book – hope to read more soon!

  2. Rachel permalink
    July 11, 2010

    I was just finishing chapter 2 of my cat’s biography when I found your site. It will make me rethink the way I portray her. I see now that I don’t need to be overly descriptive and sappy. My love for my cat will shine through even when I am simplistic, just like yours does. Keep writing!

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