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Chapters 14, 15 and Beyond: How and When…

2010 July 11
by DiG

With the amazing popularity of Vito on Facebook, I have decided to abandon Twitter as the yardstick of Vito’s popularity.

Goodbye, Twitter. Hello Facebook.

With almost 10,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ in the books (!!!!), I have published the last promised Twitter chapter yesterday and have made plans to publish the next chapter when the Facebook chimes hit 10,000.

So the publishing schedule is as follows:

  • Chapter 13: Going the the Vet in a Beer Box went live yesterday
  • Chapter 14: Out for the First Time goes live at 10,000 ‘Likes’
  • Chapter 15: His First Kill at 15,000
  • Chapter 16: His First Date at 20,000
  • Chapter 17: Attacking Dot at 25,000

In other words, share ‘Vito’ with your Facebook friends today!

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Facebook hit 10,000 late tonight, so as promised —
Chapter 14: Out for the First Time. Enjoy!

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  1. Marie Council permalink
    July 14, 2010

    I love cats, black cats in particular, so really like the story of Vito.

  2. Bonzo permalink
    July 15, 2010

    Vito is funny, reminds me of one of my current cats (also black with a white spot.) I like Vito, he is pure CAT! And the story is told simply, with humor-I feel like I know Vito! Can’t wait for more-I think this would make a great book.

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