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They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

2010 August 8
by DiG


15,000 Facebook fans.

Well, 15,848, at the time of this writing, to be exact.

I have to say that I am genuinely overwhelmed and humbled by the tremendous show of support for ‘Vito’.

I think once we hit 20,000 to 25,000, we’ll start to make some serious waves.

In other words, keep sharing ‘Vito’ with your friends and go Team Vito!

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The revised publishing schedule:

  • Chapter 15: His First Kill at 15,000
  • Chapter 16: His First Date at 20,000
  • Chapter 17: Attacking Dot at 25,000

Facebook comments:

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  1. August 12, 2010


    I have two cats myself and am hoping to someday become a writer as well. I am enrolled in the Institute for Children’s Literature and the link I have provided is to the Writers’ Retreat portion of the institute’s website. I think you would find it very interesting. It is open to students and guests alike, and there are many writers who would love to read your story and give you advice on it.

    I do have a question, however. It may be that I’m just not seeing any evidence of it, but are you going to publishers yourself or are you just waiting for them to find you?

    Because I believe you would have much more luck if you actively pursued having your book published. I also think it would have a much more positive impact on your book sales when you are published. Posting a few chapters online is a great way to get people interested, but if they can read it for free, why buy the book? Granted, I have seen comments posted where people would gladly buy the book, but…I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at.

    Well, the Institute of Children’s Literature, and more specifically the Writers’ Retreat section, has wonderful sources on getting your work published, if you needed the help. It has information on publishing companies and forums within which you can ask questions and get answers from other writers who have been where you are now. I think you could really benefit from the experience.

    I hope this helps. You have something I don’t: a finished story. And thus, you would be much more capable of using this information than I can. If this helps in any way, please let me know!


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